1. How are you different from other childcare centers?
Prodigy Preschool was founded on family principles and a dedication to Early Childhood Academics. We are a family owned and operated school that values not only the family unit itself, but also the growth that occurs within it during the early childhood years. We strive to educate and guide parents, and we work hard to be a resource they can count on as they experience the joys and difficulties of the early childhood years. Academically, we strive to provide a variety of experiences that teach to the child as an individual and encompass the many facets of development including social, emotional, physical and cognitive. We seek out experiences that will build character, develop strong and meaningful relationships with others, and provide added value to everyday learning while giving the students access to the world around them.

2. Do you have webcams so I can see my child during the day?
Because of the added security risk and exposure to Internet hackers, we do not have webcams in our facility. We are more than happy to accept phone calls or e-mails if you wish to check up on your student during the day. Our Administrators carefully monitor your children throughout the day, while playing an active role in their daily activities.

3. Does my child have to be potty trained?
Children do not have to be potty trained to enter our preschool. Potty training is a normal part of early childhood development and all students master it when they are ready. It is a part of our curriculum and will be encouraged as students show interest.

4. What is your discipline policy?
We believe in teaching children to be disciplined in their daily lives. This means providing guidance and utilizing teachable moments to instill proper techniques for self-control, respect and self-regulation of behavior. If needed, students can be provided with a quiet place to reflect on their actions and evaluate how they can effectively be a part of the group. Once they feel they can be a constructive part of the group again, they may rejoin the activity. If behaviors persist that can be harmful to the student or others, the child may be removed to the office to meet with an administrator and develop a plan for re-entry into the classroom.

5. What style of teaching is used? What is the teaching philosophy at Prodigy Preschool?
We do not follow one particular philosophy but rather, we incorporate many to ensure that all students are taught in a manner that suits their learning style. This diversity in instruction allows for a complete and balanced education.

6. Are you accredited?
Prodigy Preschool is licensed by The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services but currently does not hold any purchased accreditations. We are active members of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the Children and Nature Network (CNN), the Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children, and the National Green Building Council.

7. Are parents welcome to stop in during the school day?
Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate in activities during the school day as well as special events. We provide many opportunities for parents and grandparents to take part in the education of our students, and we encourage all parents to participate as their schedule allows.

8. Are you a franchise? Who owns the school?
Prodigy Preschool is family-owned and is an independent school that is not part of a corporate company.

9. Are you a peanut-free school?
While we recognize allergies and are prepared to handle peanut allergies, we are not a peanut-free facility. We can guarantee that the lunches and snacks provided by Prodigy Preschool are free of any and all nuts including peanuts, but because we allow students to bring in packed lunches – we cannot be peanut-free. Our teachers are knowledgeable of allergies and are trained in the proper techniques for managing allergies as well as emergency response for allergy situations.

10. Do you accept students with special needs?
We do accept students with special needs following an interview with parents to determine if there are any safety concerns or limitations with enrollment in our facility. We are trained and experienced to educate many types of learners and students with limited medical conditions. We work carefully with the local pubic school to ensure continuity in education from our preschool to elementary.

11. Do you follow the Loveland School Schedule?
We maintain our own school schedule and are able to accommodate students who may be on break from the Loveland Public School System. We observe 5 holidays and have one extended winter break from December 25 to January 2. Snow days occur only when Clermont County imposes a snow emergency, or when roads are impassable.

12. What if we want to take a vacation?
Each family is allotted flex days to use for sickness or vacation time. These days are unpaid days and are renewed each school year. The number of allotted flex days depends on the schedule of attendance.

13. Is tuition prorated if we take a day off or miss a day?
Each student is assigned an annual tuition rate. This annual rate can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Our tuition is spread out over a 51-week calendar year with all weeks being equal. Missed days do not affect the tuition payments. We work with our families to make up days as they are available. Please see question 12 for information on flex days. All families have the option of taking summers off but are required to pay a deposit to hold a spot for the fall quarter.

14. What is your sick policy? How do you prevent illness?
Prodigy Preschool is required to follow the policies regarding illness as laid out in the Ohio Licensing Rules but we maintain the right to use discretion as to the admittance of students who are ill. Students may not attend school if they display symptoms of a communicable illness such as fever greater than 100.5 (without the use of fever reducing medications for 24 hours) vomiting, diarrhea, or cold symptoms lasting for an excessive length of time. Students who develop symptoms of illness while at school will be sent home to recover. For more information on our sickness policy as regulated by the State of Ohio please click here [Linkto: PDF of full licensing rule]. We will notify parents of illness going around and maintain a daily cleaning routine that minimizes the spread of illness. Inclusion of hand washing techniques and good hygienic habits in our student curriculum and employee training also minimize the spread of illness. All teachers are required to maintain up-to-date training in the management of communicable diseases.

15. Do you accept students without immunizations?
Due to the risk of spreading and contracting serious illness, we do not accept students who are not on an immunization schedule as recommended by a pediatrician.

16. What do the students do during the summer?
In June we transition into our camp program. We offer multiple summer camp programs that run for 2 weeks each. With the help of their parents, students can choose which camps they would like to participate in. Both full-time and part-time camp options are be available, and drop in enrollments are accepted. Check out our Summer Camp page [linkto: Summer Camp page] for more information about dates, rates and camps being offered during the summer.

17. Do you accept part-time enrollments?
Prodigy Preschool can accommodate many scheduling options for children ages 18 months to 10 years including half days or partial week options. Infant spaces for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months are full-time only.

18. Do you take state vouchers?
At the current time we do not accepts State or County vouchers.

19. Do you provide lunch? Snacks?
We are proud to offer nutritious and delicious lunches provided by The Veg Head. Parents have the option of sending packed lunches for picky eaters. Healthy snacks are provided twice a day and include a grain and fresh produce from Green Bean Delivery or our very own student gardens.

20. Do you have guest speakers or field trips?
Each month we put out a calendar that highlights special events including guest speakers and field trips. Some of our guest speakers have included representatives from the Federal Airline Association for Amelia Earhart Day, Pony Rides with Mr. Cowpie to celebrate the anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride, “Mad Science,” Dental Offices for Dental Hygiene Month, the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Clermont County Park District and more!