In 2007, after working professionally in K-8, Stephanie Shirley, along with her husband Joseph, recognized a need for children to experience a more diverse education prior to beginning elementary school, which prompted them to create the Prodigy Preschool in Loveland, Ohio.

Prodigy Preschool is unique in that it takes traditional teaching methods and combines it with new ways to enhance your child’s development. The school was created with not only book-related education in mind, but also real-world educational tools such as: a state-of-the-art computer lab, outdoor and indoor organic gardens that include hydroponically-grown fruits and vegetables that the children grow and eat, fenced-in yards on over an acre of land for learning and playing in a secure and private environment, and a kid-friendly science lab.

We would love to give you an in-person tour of the facilities and grounds at Prodigy Preschool so you can experience it all yourself. Just call us today at (513) 683-2345 to set up an appointment.